Friday, November 1, 2013

Create multiple external lists with associations in SharePoint 2013, Create Custom Action in ECB (Edit Control Block) in External List in SharePoint 2013

More about filter Property: FilterField1, FilterType1, FilterValue1, FilterOperator1, Filter1ChainingOperator 

vs2012->file->new->project c# ->office/SharePoint->apps->apps for SharePoint 2013-> "BCSODataWAssociatedLists"
Click on 'Validate' button 
BCSODataWAssociatedLists -> right click -> add -> select 'Content Types for External Data Source..'
-> CannedDataService
Click on 'Next'
Make sure select below check box
Now click on 'Finish'

BCSODataWAssociatedLists -> External Content Types -> CannedDataService -> Exployees.ect -> right click -> open with -> 
 -> Source Code (Text Editor) -> Click on 'Ok'

Go to line number 509 and press enter and copy the below code (or) paste below code after </Methods> tag and before </Entity>
Note: This field 'City' should be exits in two lists Customers & Employees
            <Action Position="1" IsOpenedInNewWindow="false" Url="~site/Lists/Customers/ReadAllCustomer.aspx?FilterField1=City&amp;FilterValue1={0}" Name="Customers for Employee">
                <ActionParameter Index="0" Name="City"></ActionParameter>
BCSODataWAssociatedLists -> doubel click 'AppManifest.xml'
Change the value of start page: BCSODataWAssociatedLists/Lists/Employees
BCSODataWAssociatedLists -> Deploy
Click on 'Customers for Employee' tab

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