Tuesday, July 12, 2011

using Microsoft.Web.Administration;

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using Microsoft.Web.Administration;

namespace ConsoleApplication20
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            ServerManager manager = new ServerManager();
            foreach (var r in manager.Sites)
            Console.WriteLine("Dispaly all the site which is started");
            ServerManager manager1 = new ServerManager();
            var result = from r in manager1.Sites
                         where r.State == ObjectState.Started
                         select r;
            foreach (var r1 in result)
            Console.WriteLine("Dispaly application running in perticular application pool");
            ServerManager manager2 = new ServerManager();
            var result2 = from r in manager2.Sites
                          from k in r.Applications
                          where k.ApplicationPoolName.Equals("SharePoint - 80", StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase)
                          select r;
            foreach (var r2 in result2)

my sincere thanks to www.debugmode.net

Monday, July 11, 2011

Activate My Sites in SharePoint Server 2010 Beta: HowTo

When you click the SharePoint Server 2010 Beta on the personal menu, is his My Site not available. Also missing (if the technical preview of the familiar SharePoint Server) on the Ribbon, the ability to assign tags and the "I like it."

To My Site and the related social media features (tags, I like it) up and running, you must first configure the profile import. How this is done in SharePoint Server 2010 Beta, I will explain in this blog post. When that's done, you can make to the My Site. This seems to be severely delayed in the current beta a bit. The rough steps are:

     Create a new MySite host and configure.
     The "User Profile Service" of the current web application to assign

1: First you need to create a new My Site host. This happens at about the same process as he made
​​in SharePoint Server 2007th In the Central Administration you go to Application Management - Manage web applications. There, select from its Web application and selects the ribbon "Managed Path".

Here we define two "managed path". For "mysite" is an "Explicit Inclusion" created path. For the path of "personal" is a "wildcard inclusion" is created.

3: Then you go back to Application Management. There, select Site Collections - Create site collections. The menu to create a new site opens. The name of the site does not matter (mysitehost for example). Under "Web Site Address" but you have to "mysite" (as defined in Step 1) Select. As a template is chosen in the tab "Enterprise" "My Site Host."

3: Now you must enter the correct configuration MySite still a small beta error and the new My Site host. To be navigated in the Central Administration - Application Management - Manage service applications - User Profile Service Application and then under My Site settings - Setup My Site.
In the configuration of the entries are corrected MySite "My Site Host" to "http://server1:80/mysite" and "Personal Site Location" to "personal". At the same time removing the "Read Permission Level" to the cryptic user, so that only the SharePoint admin account or another administrator is listed.


As you can see in step 3, the My Site in SharePoint Server 2010 is run via the "User Profile Service". But this is not allocated in the current beta of the web application. To do this, one must return again to the configuration of its web application. In the Central Administration you go to Application Management - Manage web applications. There, select from its Web application and selects the ribbon "Service Connections".
In the new window you can see that the "User Profile Service Application" is not selected. Since the checkbox is gray it can not even choose. To the "User Profile Service Application," and then must switch to the top "custom" and then manually select all services.

5: If one browses the portal now, the social media features already appear in the Ribbon bar. Also in the personal menu Mysite appears for selection. This is now created with the first click, just as expected.

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