Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sign up for Microsoft Azure free one-month trial

Sign up for Microsoft Azure free one-month trial
Before Sign up please go through below link to and read FAQ get idea. And remember I didn’t not find "How to delete Credit Card information from Azure site after one month trial end". So please beware before Sing up.
Enter required information and click 'Sign up' button.
Click 'Start managing my service'.
Click on 'Portal (right arrow mark)'.
Please go through below wizard.
Click on 'WEB APPS' link to create web app.
Click on 'CREATE A WEB APP' button to create web app.
Here we can create web app using either 'QUICK CREATE' or 'CUSTOM CREATE'.
Please enter required information and click on tick mark to say OK.
Finally web app got create. Here we can see.
Thank You.

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