Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Windows Commutation Foundation Day 1

.Net Support for Distributed Programming:-
        As of today using .net have 3 different choices for developing distributed applications.
1. .Net Remoting Architecture [Broker architecture]
2. Asp.Net web services
3. WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)

SOA (Service Oriented Application):-
  A Service means Program Written for other Programmers (not for end users)

Today Best Service:-
       which is consumable to all and also consumable in most simple method.

.Net Remoting:-
     with .Net Remoting we can build distributed application between two .Net environment. that is CLR to CLR communication.
Remoting is set of libraries to distribute other .Net environment [CLR]

System.Net:- all Network classed available
Channel:- it is carrier, convert request to format. it is carry data as stream.
Dispatcher:- it takes 'deserilized' data and gave to 'Int Add(int x, int y) as a local request.

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol):-
  SOAP is a one type of formatter.
  1. public formatter
  2. XML based formatter

Binary:- this is another type formatter:- 
1. CLR won formate
2. Only understand by CLR

note: .Net remoting architecture support only two formatter as follows
1. SOAP  [ in network firewall will not block, firewall friendly]
2. Binary (Proporty Protocol) [in network firewall will be block, firewall not friendly]

.Net Remoting Architecture Support 3 channels:
1. HTTP [slow] [does have format like header, body, footer]
2. TCP [second fast] [any where we can use] [does not have format like header, body, footer]
3. IPC [fast] [Inter Program Communication]

HTTP:-[Hyper Text Transfer Protocol]
  Built top of 'TCP' protocol
  firewall friendly, will not block by firewall
  HTTP have format like header/body/footer/plain text

TCP:- [Transmission Control Protocol]
  No format required like header, body, footer
  TCP block by firewall
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